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Meet Taylor

Taylor is a passionate and dedicated individual who has been in the education space for the past 9 years. She has a degree from Dean College in the Arts as well as Suffolk University where she studied public relations and communications.


Over the past few years, Taylor has found herself working within the public and private school systems, theater groups, high school drama clubs, and dance studios all around the new England area.


Those who meet Taylor describe her as having an organic and contagious energy  whenever she walks into a room and spreads that joy to those she works with.  She continues to partake in trainings and workshops ensuring she is providing the highest level of growth and development to those she works with.  


It brings her great joy to help others reach elevated confidence with "U CAN".


Everyone has heard the phrase “you can do anything you put your mind to.” However, I have never believed it until I went to "U CAN"

Through this workshop I gained confidence and clarity about my future and learned how to chase my dreams!

- Annie Kuperstein

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