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U CAN is a creative, educational workshop providing youth with a safe space to explore their inner strength and confidence, opening them up to new and positive perspectives while teaching attainable ways to improve their mindset and be the best version of themselves. 

The story of "U CAN"

"U CAN" was founded in January 2021 - because what better time to start a company than in the middle of a pandemic right?! But in all seriousness; I started this company for a number of reasons. As an instructor in the dance, theater and education space for the past 9 years - my underlying purpose has always been to help and support my students. Being able to connect and make them feel powerful and limitless is bigger than any other accomplishment in my eyes.


As things started to shift in the world - I saw a change in my students and knew I had to do something about it -  from that, “U CAN” was born.  I want them to know that

they ARE enough and that they truly CAN do anything. With a number of different exercises and activities, my goal is to have each and every student who leaves my workshop to know just how capable and worthy they are.

That they are resilient, beautiful, incredible and that THEY CAN

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